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Figaro Car Imports only imports cars in excellent condition, with sound engines & interior & exterior bodywork not requiring major dismantling or repair. Figaros in poor condition from Japan are likely to have been neglected mechanically, probably corroding in the chassis, & will almost certainly need expensive repairs in the near future.

Nevertheless every imported vehicle is minutely inspected, & undergoes a very thorough MOT test at an independent long established garage. Purchasers can be assured that any MOT mechanical requirements will be totally attended to using first quality parts fitted by mechanics who have had experience of the 150 Figaros imported by us, & the many brought to them by other owners who know their reputation.

Each vehicle is given a thorough interior clean, including carpets & mats. The seats are always in good condition, & not needing repair but are cleaned using specialist leather products.

Externally, minor bodywork bemishes are repaired in a specialist bodyshop by an expert with 25 years experience. At the same time the Figaro can be thoroughly waxoiled at less than half garage prices, & the engine chemically cleaned & varnished to match the rest of the car at a small extra cost.

With our experience we are aware of all the hidden spots where Figs are vulnerable to rust so that owners will not have unpleasant surprises in subsequent years. Special attention is given to ensuring that all the drainage channels & pipes are clear so that water does not enter the inner chassis. The hood is cleaned using professional bodyshop products, & is re-sealed where necessary. Original hoods on good Figs have usually slightly shrunk across the centre showing the roof seals, but are still completely watertight. A new roof can be fitted in the bodyshop for customers who want the "as new" look!

The bodywork is then polished to remove the traffic film from polluted Japanese cities, & then waxed to give the perfect finish.

After passing the MOT, all Figaros have the timing belt, tensioner & waterpump replaced, & the rocker shaft bolts which require attention on most Figs now re-secured (NOT "CHECKED") using a special Nissan kit.

They then undergo a thorough service using genuine Japanese parts.

All Figaro Car Imports Figaros are supplied with the speedometer converted to read in MPH, & a reversing lamp converted to a fog lamp. The CD/radio unit can be upgraded at the appropriate cost to the latest Clarion UK specification, or if they are still in working order a band expander is fitted so that UK FM stations can be received.

Most insurance companies now require a Thatcham Cat.1 alarm/immobiliser which we can supply at a competitive rate & fitted by a Thatcham approved technician. We recommend a Cat.1 with remote central locking so that you never forget to lock the passenger side door also. These enable you to leave the Fig with the roof open but completely immobilised without triggering the alarm.

Finally we are always happy to help with any questions or problems after delivery, & before you leave we supply a brochure with lots of useful information on the care & driving of your Figaro.

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